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Monday Musings

October 17, 2017

Good Evening Friends....

I have written so may blog posts in my head but just can't seem to sit down and post...trying to be more intentional,I promise. Soo much I want to share. 

Before work this am and after I prepped some sourdough to rise. I briefly peeked at one of my favorite devotionals just to put a bit of pep in my Monday return to school after Fall break!

If you haven't seen this book,it is fabulous. 

After reading this,I was once again encouraged to continue my cooking and mission to bring others to the table. Not only do we all need to eat,but the friendships that sitting down for a meal together are a priceless treasure. Making memories and sharing our hearts. This lead me to thinking today,that I want to have more of that at my house...gathering women to cook,chat and enjoy each other without worrying about the should do,need to do and must do distractions. 


Sourdough bread/cinnamon roll classes,Dinner Club, and Freezer cooking are just a few ideas I came up with today...meal planning is another something we could share. Imagine a group of friends sitting around my farmhouse table and enjoying each other's company..Will schedule some classes soon. Gather your friends and make a list of what you would like to learn more about. 


In the meantime...imagine the smell of this freshly baked bread!













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October 17, 2017

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