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Why I cook for you and yours....

September 19, 2017



Good Evening From the Thyme Savors Kitchen....

Taking a moment from cooking to say Hi and tell you all why I do what I do...


I love to cook..it is relaxing and calming. My family loves to eat and one of the strongest love languages around here is me feeding them.  My sweet husband of almost 30 years has NEVER said anything about why dinner isn't ready when he likes to eat at 5:30..he will simply just look around the kitchen. I try my very best to have dinner prepped and ready by 5:30. It has always helped make the evening for all go much smoother

and the 5:00 bewitching hour not as chaotic.  Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about...we all have it.

Meal planning is a game changer..saves money,time and your sanity!!  I have meal planned and freezer cooked for almost 20 years...it is easy and amazing!! This lead to teaching my friends

how to do it and then people asking me to cook for them. Those who don't like to cook,still wanted healthy meals for their families and I am delighted to make that happen.


My passion has become feeding families or giving them the tools to make a family dinner possible...talking and sharing your day at the table is a gift that can not be described. It is making memories in it's very finest form.  Getting kids to help in the kitchen is even better. Nothing makes my heart happier than when I hear a family has enjoyed my meals, a child has cooked for his/her family or a college child sends me pictures of the food they have prepared...


I will leave you with this article a friend sent to me....sums up so much of what I believe and want to make possible...


Thank you all for joining me on this journey...How can I help bring your family back to the table?
































































































































































































































































































































 and the 5:00 bewitching hour

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